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Register code of business certificate : : IV Nr876624, Lithuania


Window for payment can be found here >>>

The art studio provides for the following payment methods:

1. Payment by mobile number in bank applications.
In the details field, enter the order number.

2. Payment by mobile number in Viber Pay applications.
In the details field, enter the order number.

3. Payment by payment link.
At the request of the client, a link to payment is created and sent to the specified e-mail address. The link is available to the contact on this website in the Order View.
This method is used when ordering the manufacture of individual designs and exquisite things. A link to the invoice shall be sent after agreement and detailing of the order. You can also request a card-based link to pay for your shopping cart.

4. Payment through integrated platforms
Payment opportunities through integrated platforms are temporarily suspended.

5. Other forms of payment

PayPal: >>>


For purchases and orders in the art studio, you must be authorized through the email address. Your e-mail address is required for feedback when processing an order. To do this, you need to click on the red button [Not authorized], the authorization window will open. You will be asked to enter an email address, after clicking the [send confirmation code] button, the website will send a confirmation code to the specified address, which must be entered in the field for the confirmation code. After authorization, the system will return you to the order window to select purchases in the cart.

The order products are sent after payment. Production of selected catalog products also after payment. When paying, enter your order number or explanation.

The art studio provides discounts on shopping cart. When buying more than 2 products, the total amount of the basket decreases.



Free shipping for most product and services

Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estia) :

- Courier to adress
- Post office
- Bus terminal

Other countries : Delivery to post office

По России заказ высылается с Калиниграда почтой России с наложным платежом + сборы почты России .