Ordering designs of embroidery, your electronic contacts, where it is possible to send files of the ordered embroidery design, are necessary: the e-mail address and/or the mobile number for connection via Viber.

Ordering the embroidered products, your electronic contacts are necessary. Is necessary your physical address for delivery also, if you buy embroided product.

Payments methods:

1. Through PayPal
For this purpose you have to be authorized through e-mail adress. (in order window button not authorized ). System request you to enter your e-mail address, after pressing of the button to send a confirmation code, system will send a confirmation code to the specified address which should be entered into the field for a confirmation code. After authorization, the system will return you to a order window and Paypal payment buttons will appear.

2. Through Revolut
In mobile application Revolut, please open window Payments,
add new contact +370 61457373, if it is not in list yet,
select this contact,
to specify the product price specified on the website,
to specify the product number, which you buy, in the note,
to specify the delivery address in case of the order of the embroidered product.
And transfer.


e-mail for contact:wilno.ornamentum@gmail.com

link for payment in PayPal system: https://www.paypal.me/LikaLakuti

mobile for Revolut payments: +370 61457373

If you are not already in a revolute, a link for registration: here


I-V 9:00-17:00

e-mail :Lika.Lakuti@gmail.com